Twin Brothers Launch Black-Owned Food Delivery Service in Philadelphia
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Twin Brothers Launch Black-Owned Food Delivery Service in Philadelphia

Philadelphia , United States
Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Aug 20, 2019

Food delivery services have exploded in popularity, making it easier than ever to order from your favorite restaurants without leaving your couch. But for those who want their dining dollars to go towards Black-owned restaurants, there’s no easy way to specify that search on most apps. It’s a problem that twin brothers David and Aaron Cabella set out to solve with their Philadelphia-based food delivery service Black and Mobile.

After dropping out of Shippensburg University in 2016, David Cabella began watching YouTube videos for tips on how to start his own business. During that time he worked for food delivery services like Uber, Caviar, and Postmates, which inspired him to create a similar service that catered to the Black community.

Black and Mobile allows users to choose from a list of local Black-owned restaurants based on the cuisine they’re craving. After they’ve placed their order, it’s delivered straight to their door. Orders are currently being delivered via motorized bike, but the Cabella brothers are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a Black and Mobile app, further website development, hiring of marketing managers, insurance, a company vehicle, and an office space. So far 470 backers have pledged over $14,000 of their $100,000 fundraising goal. 

David Cabella reported to FOX 29 that his bike was stolen over the weekend, severely crippling the pair’s ability to run Black and Mobile. Anyone with information on the bike is being asked to contact the police and David told the news channel that Black and Mobile needs support now more than ever.

Currently, only 2.5% of Philadelphia businesses are Black-owned, despite the fact that Black people represent 43% of the city’s population. Whites only make up 34% of the population, yet own 76% of the businesses in the city. Nationwide, Black consumers only spend 3% of their disposable income on Black-owned businesses. The Cabella brothers think that providing a fast and convenient delivery option will encourage Black entrepreneurship and help Black businesses reach more customers. They hope to expand to other cities and begin delivering other products and goods once the app is fully funded. 

Click here to support Black and Mobile’s Kickstarter Campaign.

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