How This Black-Owned Detroit Donut Shop Is Creating A Living Legacy
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How This Black-Owned Detroit Donut Shop Is Creating A Living Legacy

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 31, 2019

Detroit native, Herman Hayes has been cooking and baking most of his life. His nieces and nephews, especially his nephew James, always looked forward to seeing him because they knew that he would have fresh-baked donuts with him.

James would grow up to become a popular music producer who went by the name “J-Dilla.” Unfortunately, James passed away in 2006.

Herman wanted to find a way to honor his nephew through his love of baking. After nearly a decade of planning, he opened one of Detroit’s only Black-Owned donut shops, Dilla’s Delights in 2016.

The store, located at 242 John R. Street, is also a way for Herman to create a living legacy for J-Dilla’s two daughters. The name Dilla’s Delights was a way to honor the two little girls that meant so much to him.

The girls can be found helping Herman out in the shop most days as well.

When you visit Dilla’s Delights, you can try flavors like the Cakeboy chocolate glaze, McNasty macaroon cake, and Aaliyah lemon filled. But, you’ll want to get there early because they sell out often.

Over the last few months, the shop has faced some financial hardship. Herman was diagnosed with cancer and during his recovery, he was forced to reduce the store’s hours and even close completely some days. Because of this, plans to expand the shop to a bigger location have been halted while they attempt to recover.

The shop recently set up a GoFundMe page to ask for contributions from the community and supporters. Herman wants to move into a bigger space that will allow him to make and sell his donuts in one space as well as set up a museum and seating area for customers to sit down and enjoy their baked goods.

To learn more about Dilla’s Delights, you can visit their website or find them on Instagram at @dillasdelights.

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