Black-Owned Celebrity Eateries Around the Country
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Craig Bukata

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Craig Bukata

Black-Owned Celebrity Eateries Around the Country

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 11, 2023

The amount of Black-owned celebrity restaurants have been growing in the United States. Travel Noire compiled a list of noteworthy Black-owned celebrity restaurants spanning the United States.

Issa Rae’s Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen in Inglewood, California

Photo credit: Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Hilltop & Kitchen stands as a beacon of community, creativity and connection. Founded in August 2018 by co-creators Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan, this visionary coffee shop first took root in Windsor Hills. Its initial purpose committed to providing an inclusive haven for all. Hilltop’s mission was simple, yet profound: to unite people through the shared love of food and drink. A year later, Issa Rae joined forces with Hagos and Relan to launch Hilltop & Kitchen in Inglewood. The trio expanded their vision in 2020, opening a third location on Eagle Rock Blvd.

Pharrell Williams’ Swan and Bar Bevy in Miami, Florida

Black-Owned Celebrity restaurants
Photo credit: Swan Miami

Swan, the brainchild of music icon Pharrell Williams and his longtime culinary confidant Chef Jean Imbert, is a gastronomic masterpiece.

From the indulgent burrata adorned with fresh figs to the innovative “standing” caesar salad crowned with rosemary bread crumbs. Every bite at Swan is a symphony of flavors. Complete your journey with a sweet crescendo in the form of a chocolate soufflé drizzled with house-made Nutella, and you’ll understand why Swan has become a coveted destination for exploration in Miami’s thriving dining scene.

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse Intercontinental Chicago

Photo credit: Michael Jordan Steakhouse

Michael Jordan Steakhouse is a testament to the enduring legacy of an NBA icon and a entrepreneur. Michael Jordan has redefined the meaning of excellence both on and off the court. This iconic restaurant is a tribute to the astute businessman behind the name.

At Michael Jordan Steakhouse, they elevate the art of steak preparation to a level they proudly refer to as “steakmanship.” Here, the commitment to culinary perfection mirrors Jordan’s dedication to excellence in every endeavor.

Blaze Pizza Franchises with Lebron James

Photo credit: Blaze Pizza

LeBron James’ journey to becoming a part owner of Blaze Pizza began in 2012 when he invested $1 million in the fast-growing pizza chain. Alongside his business partner Maverick Carter and financial advisor Paul Wachter, they opened Blaze restaurants in Chicago and Miami.

Initially, his involvement was limited due to his endorsement deal with McDonald’s, which prevented him from actively promoting Blaze Pizza. However, as Blaze Pizza expanded and his equity stake grew, James solidified his role as an investor and an endorser of the brand.

Cam Newton’s Fellaship in Atlanta, Georgia

Black-Owned Celebrity restaurants
Photo credit: Fellaship

Fellaship.ATL, the brainchild of former NFL Quarterback Cam Newton and Cecil Newton Jr., is more than just a restaurant. It manifests the values that have shaped their lives. From its beginnings, fellowship has been a cornerstone of their upbringing, rooted in the principles of family, football and the bond of community.

Their journey led them back to their beloved hometown, where they sought to create a haven where culture, cigars and exceptional cuisine converge beneath one roof. In this space, patrons experience the warm embrace of true hospitality.

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