Black-Owned Breweries Just In Time For National Beer Day, April 7
Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick

Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick

Black-Owned Breweries Just In Time For National Beer Day, April 7

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 6, 2020

Beer, one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, possibly dates back to 9500 BC where mentions of it can be traced in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt. Beer is also the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.

And with that said, National Beer Day is here. In case you are looking for a way to celebrate with your favorite pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale, here are some black-owned breweries to support.  

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Sankofa – Washington, D.C.

Sankofa Beer Company is a Washington, DC-based producer and distributor of premium craft beer, inspired by the founders’ connection to West Africa. They are on a mission to expand the conventions of craft beer by creating a space where culture meets craft. Currently, they offer a hibiscus pale ale and wheat ale.

Harlem Blue – New York, NY

According to the website, Harlem Blue “celebrates today’s hustlers and dreamers who make us better every day with the relentless energy, ambition, and style of Harlem.” Their premium beers include 1658 Ale, “a smooth and full-bodied American Pale Wheat ale, perfectly balanced for taste and drinking in bunches”, and Hectic IPA, “the look-you-in-the-eye malt flavor, balanced perfectly with confident American hops, produces a full-mouth of taste with a smooth finish.”

Cajun Fire – New Orleans, LA

Cajun Fire Brewing Company is a family-owned business and the first black-owned brewing company in Louisiana and in the South. By using the finest available ingredients and local produce that’s available, they ensure that their product is competitive with any high-end craft brewery on the market. Enjoy their Honey Ale, brewed with clover honey and their Big Chief Crème Stout, brewed with milk sugar and vanilla bean.

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Down Home Brewing – Atlanta, GA

Down Home Brewing Company is not just another craft brewery. They are “an experience; to live and enjoy what life has to offer.” Family-owned and operated, Down Home Brewing Company’s founder and brewer Chris Reeves creates brews with the goal of having the right brew for you. Their offerings include Georgia Hooch IPA, T-Pom Pomegranate Wheat Ale, and Down Right Hazy IPA.

Crowns & Hops – Inglewood, CA

Crowns & Hops Brewing Co, founded by Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter, “is dedicated to preserving culture, expansion of the palate and community building through world-class beer.” Their Hazy IPA is available in cans and drafts across Southern California with a public brewery opening soon in Inglewood.

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