Black-Owned Apps Every Traveler Should Have At Their Fingertips
Photo Credit: Derick Anies | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Derick Anies | Unsplash

Black-Owned Apps Every Traveler Should Have At Their Fingertips

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 6, 2019

You may have never heard of these digital services before, but here a few mobile apps that were invented and are owned by black people. They can also help you with your travel plans.

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Godwin Gabriel, a Tanzanian-American, started the ride-sharing app, Moovn, with the mission of economically empowering our communities and changing lives. Similar to Uber, Moovn allows you to request on-demand transportation services. However, Moovn allows you to schedule rides up to a month in advance. Moovn operates in seven U.S. cities, Vancouver, CA, three African nations, and Dubai.


Ujama, meaning “extended family” or “brotherhood” is an app that every traveling parent needs. You can discover other parents in your area and easily coordinate carpools, playdates, and babysitting appointments. You can also chat with other parents within the app and get recommendations on family-friendly sites and activities in the area.


Getting your finances in order is one of the first steps needed to make travel a priority in your life. You can get started now with Capway, an online banking and financial literacy app, that aims to help people with their financial needs and goals. Meaning, you can finally get started with that travel savings account.

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Black Nation

Formerly known as Black Wall Street, Black Nation gives you easy access to finding black-owned businesses; not only in your neighborhood but around the world. From restaurants and bars to boutiques and salons, Black Nation has you covered in the for-us, by-us marketplace. Now, you can support the community wherever you go.

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