Black-Owned Brands You Can Support For The Best  Airport Drip
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Black-Owned Brands You Can Support For The Best Airport Drip

Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Dec 3, 2020

There is somewhat of a science when it comes to picking out your airport outfit and we give you a head nod for some of the things we have seen in the airport. It needs to be comfortable, lightweight, and heavy enough to withstand the near-freezing temperatures on the aircraft.

Airport drip should also make a statement that reads, “I’m not doing too much, while also stating, “I am doing enough.”

Basically, you need to be cozy but you need to have on some drip as well.

We have rounded up some of the best Black-owned brands that are perfect for airport fits:

Visionary Society emerged in 2015 as a luxury Black-owned streetwear brand. It has quickly become a favorite among streetwear consumers for its quality and comfort while remaining luxurious. And the best part, besides being Black-owned…it’s gender-neutral!


Visionary Quilted Flannel (Brown) $140 

Visionary Pigment Dyed Hoodie (Almond) $100 

Visionary Pigment Dyed Sweatpants (Almond)  $85 

Visionary Bucket Hat $40 

Tier is a New York City-based clothing line founded in 2014.

Its home team is a collaboration of different types of artists, matching their slogan “ART NEVER DIES.”

Tier is also a unisex brand.


Kale Open Paper Trench $360.00

Mock Neck Dress $120 

Military Olive Tier Sweatpants $140.00

Military Olive Tier Socks $35.00

Cold Laundry is a new brand on the market, only having just launched in 2019. Its aesthetic screams minimalist, clean, and luxurious.  (Unisex) 


CL Midnight Overcoat $342.98 

CL Faded Blue Suit Set $134.49

CL Grey Enzo Set $242.10 

Minaa Monroe’s online boutique are curated collections that cater to the women who want to stunt every time they leave the house. This is one of the most affordable brands; however, right now, it only sells women’s clothing. 

Make sure you set alarms for her collections as it typically sells out within minutes usually.


PJS On A PJ set $39.99 

So Clean Set $45.99 

A Rich Wife Set $89.99 

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based brand founded in 2012. The brand specializes in contemporary designs for men, women, and kids. 


Green Croro Jedoun Coat $418.00

Cargo Pants Navy $110.00

Washed Kida Kudz T-Shirt $66.00 

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