Nevada's First Black-Owned 7-Eleven Is In Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nevada's First Black-Owned 7-Eleven Is In Las Vegas

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 5, 2021

Nevada just opened its first Black-owned 7-Eleven and you can find it in Las Vegas. It’s an accomplishment that owner Johnathan Lacy didn’t realize until the corporate team pointed it out.

“I started asking around to executives and they were like, ‘yeah, I don’t think we have anyone else of color in that situation,’” Lacy told Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Opening the store, located on 3421 East Tropicana Avenue, was anything but easy for Lacy. He was turned down by several lenders who didn’t view him as the “ideal candidate” for a loan.

“A lot of people won’t take that chance on you. Especially being 30 years old and not having a million-dollar mansion in my name,” he added.

But he didn’t let the word “no” stop him from his dream of being an entrepreneur. He worked hard, said yes to jobs no matter how big or small, and saved every dollar to open his business.

He hopes his hard work will inspire others to believe in their dreams.

“I hope it leads to more businesses being opened by African-Americans as well as women, minorities, and everybody. Hopefully, we can all have a hand in establishing ourselves,” said Lacy. “

Lacy plans to add three or four more Black-owned 7-eleven locations across Las Vegas. He also has plans to help other people open up their own businesses.

“This s**t will bring you to tears,” he said on Twitter. “Anyone that wants to know how to do it or needs guidance, [let me know]. I’m open to taking however long to teach cause no one taught me.”

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