'Black Kids Do Travel' Website Encourages Families Of Color To Travel The World
Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages | Getty Images

Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages | Getty Images

'Black Kids Do Travel' Website Encourages Families Of Color To Travel The World

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Nov 26, 2019

“One city, one country, one continent” is the tagline for Black Kids Do Travel, a website dedicated to creating a safe place for families of color to share their travel experiences, and to encourage and inspire families of color to travel with their children as well as discuss issues that arise as a result of traveling to certain places.

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The organization was founded by mom, wife, travel blogger, and travel agent, Karen Akpan, after her son Aiden asked her, “mom, where are all the brown people like us?” during their travels. After noticing the disconnect, as she traveled with her son and family all over the world, this movement was born.

Akpan Family Children | Photo via blackkidsdotravel.com

“On this blog, we share travel stories by highlighting different families, where they’ve traveled to, how they travel, and how much they spend on their trips,” says Akpan on blackkidsdotravel.com. “We also share tips and tricks and everything else you need to know to make informed travel decisions for your family.”

In addition to blog posts about the Akpan’s travel experiences, the Black Kids Do Travel Facebook group is a private supportive community where other travelers can share their journeys, thoughts, questions, and concerns about traveling the world with black children. Akpan couldn’t find a group that solely promoted and encouraged ‘family travel’ as well as ‘travel with children’ for families of color, prompting her to form the social media group.

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If you are looking for other ways to support this growing brand, check out the Etsy shop which features t-shirts, Dashiki sets, and backpacks for your children to rock on their next vacation and beyond.

Photo via etsy.com/shop/berrypopkids

Join the movement and follow Black Kids Do Travel on social media, follow the Akpan’s journey, and contribute your personal experiences with the supportive community they have created.

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