This Black Father Was Tired Of Feeling Invisible To The Travel Industry
Photo Credit: wundervisuals | Getty Images

Photo Credit: wundervisuals | Getty Images

This Black Father Was Tired Of Feeling Invisible To The Travel Industry

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 28, 2019

Jonah Batambuze is a father and traveler who is tired of the underrepresentation of black fathers in the travel industry. Batambuze hopes to create a “new normal” by encouraging other fathers of color to share their experiences via his new project, Invisible Men.

“As a father of color who travels, it’s always interesting to run into other families who say ‘it’s good to see black men out there’. I wish folks were not as surprised to see me out there, as they are,” said Darnell Walker, one of the fathers featured in a promotional video for Batambuze’s project. “Fathers of color aren’t often represented in mainstream travel publications. I simply wanted to tell a different story.”

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Invisible Men documents fathers of color traveling around the world with their children through beautiful imagery and personal stories. 

“Traveling with my son allows me to see the places I’ve been through new eyes. I didn’t get to see many of these places as a kid, but now, it’s like I can,” said Darnell Lamont Walker via a post on the website. 

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Not only are black traveling fathers out there, but they are helping to shape the travel industry and the growing black travel movement.

For Batambuze, it’s also about the impact of travel on our children. “I believe that traveling fathers of color can help shape a better world by helping our children see, live, and learn beyond borders.”

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