How These Black Expats Are Celebrating Black History Month Abroad
Photo Credit: Instagram | @deijhasviews

Photo Credit: Instagram | @deijhasviews

How These Black Expats Are Celebrating Black History Month Abroad

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 25, 2021

Black History Month 2021 is hitting a little differently for many people worldwide following a chaotic year of civil unrest in the United States.

Many Black Americans ultimately decided to pack up their life and relocate to begin their expat journey. An expat is defined as “a person temporarily or permanently living in another country other than their native country.”

Travel Noire caught up with a few Black expats who plan to celebrate Black History Month in the countries where they are currently residing.

“What I love about living here is I have Black friends from all over the diaspora. We try to get together whenever we can. We all have different cultures and different holidays that are special to us and we come together to celebrate with each other.

We love to have a good get together here. Food, drinks, music, deep conversations, and a lot of laughter. We may all be from different parts of the world, but we share many of the same experiences in our lives as Black people. I look forward to celebrating our triumphs as a community during Black History Month.”

See what Alexis has in store for Black History Month on her Instagram here.

Alexis Terry Black Expat In Vietnam

“This year for Black History Month, I have decided to look at more recent history and learn from current Black American culture figures. I plan to study and learn from recent trendsetters and people who have achieved amazing accomplishments no matter what public opinion dictates. 

I personally believe we need to honor Black success in the 21st century. I plan to research entrepreneurs such as Soulja Boy, Ray J, Nick Cannon, and Kanye West to help me think outside the box, break glass ceilings and create spaces where there are current voids here in Ghana.

Let me add that I celebrate Black History all 12 months in a year. I am going to take my time here to reflect on the lessons our ancestors taught us to reevaluate whether I currently agree with some of my childhood heroes such as Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson, or not.”

Follow Rashad’s journey on Instagram.

Rashad McCrorey | Black Expat in Ghana

“Part of the reason I moved here is that I wanted to learn more about Africa outside of what we’re taught in the United States. We’re made to believe that Africa is a place that’s plagued by famine and is poor.

My dad will be visiting Ghana for the first time since I moved here in 2019. I am looking forward to exploring the history I came here to seek, starting with taking him to the Slave dungeons in Cape Coast.”

Follow Deijah and her dad’s experience on Instagram.

Instagram | @deijhasviews


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