Black Broads Abroad Teams Up With Clark Atlanta University For ‘Get The F Out Of America’ Conference
Photo Credit: Tope A Asokere

Photo Credit: Tope A Asokere

Black Broads Abroad Teams Up With Clark Atlanta University For ‘Get The F Out Of America’ Conference

Atlanta , United States
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 27, 2021

The founder of Black Broads Abroad podcast is teaming up with Clark Atlanta University to help those wanting to learn more about becoming an expat.

“The event is a call to action. It is imperative that Black people and particularly Black women as the nucleus of our communities have a viable exit plan of leaving the Divided States,” Black Broads Abroad founder, Phelena Jean told Travel Noire.

The event features more than 15 Black female veteran expats who will serve as panels for discussions on retiring overseas, creating income abroad, parenting overseas, employment abroad, and so much more.

In an interview with Jean, she told us more about the event:

Travel Noire: You’re covering so many topics, what is your overall goal? 

Jean: As an educator, it was important for me to facilitate the conference by way of a series of educational sessions.

It was essential when I envisioned this event that there was a robust offering of sessions. These are all topics that are relevant to transitioning overseas, monetizing your skill set, and having a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Our panelists have lived in more than 100 cities on six continents. Their professions range from Attorneys, Educators, E-commerce entrepreneurs, Comediennes, Small Business owners, sex therapists, hoteliers and real estate investors, HR professionals, Bankers, STEM professionals, we run the gamut, and so I really wanted to showcase that this can be done, in spite of your professional, no matter your current financial circumstance there is an avenue for everyone to become an expat, who wants to take that leap.

Travel Noire: Why is your event important for aspiring Black expats?

Jean: Nowhere else are you going to get this kind of premium game, from this caliber of expatriate professionals. We have done this as veteran expats and have learned all the hard lessons, have made all the global connections across industries and continents, and have embarked upon this journey with great success, and we are enthusiastic about mentoring other Black people who want to do the same.

It’s more than just a 2-day conference. There is ongoing support through our private global expat community after the conference. We have monthly group coaching, open forums to ask questions and engage in dialogue with other expats and those that are seeking to become expat. With the ticket purchase, attendees will also have access to the online course of the same name (GTFO of America Blueprint) and for those who can’t make the upcoming event in Atlanta there is a virtual attendee option.

Travel Noire: What’s next for you?

Jean: What’s next is continuing to expand the Black Broads Abroad footprint through our multimedia platform, continued events and partnerships with HBCU’s across the country. Our online course also titled the GTFO of America Blueprint as well as the book. My radio show, Black Broads Abroad on Philadelphia’s  96.1FM WURD is featured every second Sunday of the month as well as the weekly podcast on all podcast platforms.

You can purchase tickets and learn more about the event, scheduled for later this fall, by clicking here.

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