8 Best Dry Bags For Your Next Aquatic Adventure
Photo Credit: Photo credit: @alyssasieb

Photo Credit: Photo credit: @alyssasieb

8 Best Dry Bags For Your Next Aquatic Adventure

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 11, 2023

Don’t forget to pack a dry bag on your next adventure. While they have many functions, they are primarily used to keep your clean clothes dry and protect your valuables.

What makes a dry bag different from a beach tote or something else you may bring on your aquatic adventure is that it is designed with waterproof and airtight qualities to keep water from leaking inside.

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Dry bags are also fully subversive and, in some cases, can be critical life-saving technology while you’re in the water.

Once you experience the convenience of dry bags, you’ll never leave the house without them. Here are the best eight dry bags for your next adventure:

Earth Pak Waterproof Duffle Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag
Photo Credit: Earth Pak Store

Earth Pak’s waterproof duffel is meant to last a lifetime! All seams are thermo-welded shut to ensure all your gear stays completely dry. It’s the ideal weekend bag for all your sporting, boating, and travel adventures that involve water. 

The bag has two interior mesh pockets for easy access to the smaller belongings and one sizeable external mesh pocket with a nylon coiled zipper. 

Designers also reinforced it with a 1000D PVC MOLLE System, which allows you to loop on the front and back sides of the duffel, providing anchor points to latch onto while boating, kayaking, rafting, or riding a motorcycle. 

Unplug 65 L Ultimate Waterproof Bag

These bags are entirely for travel. They are tough while not weighing much. 

This duffel bag can be changed into a backpack, depending on what you pack. It’s an Amazon favorite as it has been one of the best options for those caught up in torrential rain pour during their travels. 

It’s made with eight compression straps to create an airtight dry bag. 

Rockagator Waterproof Backpacks

Rockagator Waterproof Backpacks
Photo Credit: Rockagator

If you are going on a vacation filled with mostly water and hiking activities, then the Rockagtor is your go-to bag. 

This 40L dry bag backpack waterproof feature is ideal for outdoor adventures, including rafting, kayaking, or hiking. It’s made to protect your gear from water, snow, mud, or dust; With this waterproof backpack, your clothing, tools, electronics, and camping gear will be safe.

It’s a tough bag for the most extreme adventure traveler. 

The upgraded brand clips provide a tight and secure closure for the roll top, sternum, and waist belt strap. These durable clips are much less likely to break, giving you peace of mind during your adventure. 

Waterproof Backpack Lightweight Dry Bags

This bag is smaller than most but can put just enough items to meet your travel needs as it’s lightweight and expandable. 

The bag weighs only 0.45 pounds but has a large capacity of 20L. It can be easily folded into your pocket for storage. The marine dry bag’s capacity is large enough to fit clothes, shoes, mobile phones, cameras, and other items and is suitable for a waterproof travel bag. 

The elastic net pockets on both sides are suitable for storing items such as water bottles and umbrellas, 

Roll Top Waterproof Backpack w/ Phone Case Pouch

Pelican’s roll-top waterproof backpack will be the best option for a trip that doesn’t require you to bring or protect much. 

This multifunctional outdoor is perfect for camping, boating, rafting, hiking, swimming, a trip to the lake, on a jet ski, at the beach, and so much more because it’s small and easy to carry. 

The designated waterproof compartment is made of high-quality material and allows easy storage and carrying of your phone (up to a 7″ screen in diagonal size). 

One feature that will surely win you over is the designated touch screen to access your phone. You can check messages or emails without removing your phone, making staying connected and protected easily. 

Fully Submersible Waterproof Dry Bags

Fully Submersible Waterproof Dry Bags
Photo Credit: Wise Owl Outfitters

Whether you’re kayaking, jet skiing, or spending the day snorkeling, Wise Owl’s waterproof bag is designed to keep your gear safe and dry, no matter the activity.

You can purchase a one-pack-dry bag or a complete set of sizes 5L, 10L, and 20L. 

Unlike regular dry bags, these bags will float when not overfilled. This allows you to float your gear down a river during activities but, most importantly, prevents your items from sinking and getting wet. 

Not only will your valuables stay dry, but they will be easily accessible as the equipment is made with a D-ring clip. 

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Dry, Wet, Separated Water-Resistant Bag for Swimming and Sweaty Clothes

Valante has a more affordable dry bag option for those who don’t want to spend much money.  

Even though it’s a little cheaper, this bag is a must-have for sports lovers and swimmers as it’s the perfect solution to separate wet swimwear and your sweaty things to keep your change of clothes and other belongings will stay clean and dry.

This bag doesn’t look like your average dry bag. It’s more stylish yet durable and flexible. 

There are two compartments. You can put a large towel or dirty clothes in the more extensive section and a smaller pocket for wet swimwear. A ventilation system and handle allow you to hang the bag on a hook in the shower room.

Waterproof Floating Pouch Dry Bag with Adjustable Crossbody Strap

This is a vacation essential. It’s easily inflatable and provides reliability to carry your things near water as a side bag for snorkeling, swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, tubing, kayaking, going down waterslides, and more. This bag is perfect because it’s a crossbody that is easy to hold. 

You can also keep your phone and other belongings dry with the zipper lock. The feature allows you to store your items safely without worrying about leaks while you enjoy your water activities as deep as 32 feet under. 

The bag also comes equipped with an emergency airbag for water emergencies. 

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