Best Destinations For Black Travelers In February 2022
Photo Credit: Geraint Rowland Photography

Photo Credit: Geraint Rowland Photography

Best Destinations For Black Travelers In February 2022

Belize , Finland , Mexico , Senegal , Trinidad and Tobago
Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jan 19, 2022

Black travelers deserve a complete list of safe, exciting and gorgeous destinations to travel to each month. As February approaches, here are your top locations to book and explore as hand-picked by Travel Noire.


Considered as one of the top travel locations for wanderers in 2022, Belize is a must-see destination in February.

The small Central American country offers immeasurable experiences for travelers craving the best of both worlds, those worlds being beach-side and deep in the jungle. Spend February swimming in clear Caribbean waters, enjoy the second-largest reef in the world after Australia, soak up the island life or get lost in the mainland which is full of national parks, colorful city and a chance to discover the ancient land of the Maya in the Cayo District.

Sharing a border with Mexico and Guatemala is an even greater appeal for visitors hoping to extend their travels and further enjoy the magic of Central America. This, alongside the recent announcements that major airlines such as Alaska Airlines and SouthWest will be offering special rates for flights direct from US cities to Belize, makes it a quick and affordable flight.

Trinidad & Tobago


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There is nothing like escaping the winter and landing in the balmy temperatures of the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago could be the ideal island come February with announcements that, with some adjustments, the famed Caribbean carnival will be going ahead.

Fête season in the Caribbean is unrivalled, and Black travelers have caught onto this truth for a while. Enjoying February under the sun to the sound of soca is a luxurious way to spend time on the twin island republic. Expect everything you would from one of the Caribbean’s most loved islands, along with your fill of unbelievable curries and the freshest of fish.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Brazil in February is all about the festivities. Looking for samba, music to lift the mood and glitter sprinkled nights? This could be the trip for you.

Spending Brazil’s carnival month in Rio de Janeiro is a sure fire way to inject some fun into the mix this February. While the street parties have recently been cancelled in Rio and cities across the country, the Carnival will remain, meaning that Rio will see the return of tourists from around the country and the globe to enjoy the world-renowned carnival event.

As far as the climate goes, the weather is dry and typically hotter than the southern parts of the country.

Other than celebrating, Rio is the perfect location in February to wander the city’s treasures including lagoons, Itatiaia – Brazil’s oldest national park, bays, waterfalls and your pick of hiking trails which end with the reward of Brazil’s most secluded beaches.

Finland, Lapland

While Christmas is the high season for Finnish Lapland, there is certainly a romance that attracts travelers all through February.

If you’re looking to indulge in the winter wonderland vibes for a little longer in an ideal European location, Lapland might be the perfect escape. Wrap up and brace yourself for a trip full of igloo stays, wooden cable-car journeys and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of the Northern Lights, all without bracing the Christmas crowds and prices.

Finland, a European location perhaps not incredibly known for its racial diversity, has seen much growth in its efforts to properly demonstrate the extent of the African diaspora. Black travelers looking to connect with the diaspora may also appreciate Helsinki, and it’s black-owned spaces.

Senegal, Dakar

Over the last few years, Dakar has solidified itself in the art world as a city heaving with attractions and galleries for art-lovers and adventurers all over the world.

This serene patch of West Africa is a go-to spot for travelers searching for tropical heat and peaceful vibes on the continent. Without the often over-crowded Moroccan surfing spots, a Senegalese trip includes a coast with an almost everlasting stretch for avid surfers and beginners, akin. The contemporary art-scene, the fisher-village atmosphere and the calm waters makes for an unforgettable trip.

Black travelers will find that, from the bustling markets to the quiet of its sleepy shore, Dakar is a perfect balance for vacation-vibes and exploring all that the abundant African city has to offer.

Mexico, Sayulita

Exploring Mexico’s Sayulita region in February comes with multiple perks – high humidity in the dry season, lush nature to enjoy, pristine coastal towns, a tight-knit community feel and the start of the country’s carnival season.

Expect an abundance of international and local tourists cooling off in the region’s white sand beaches. The internationally famed Festival Sayulita is a film festival that takes place every year in Sayulita during February. The private beachfront screenings, live music and master tequila-tasting events makes it a favorite hot-spot in Mexico.

While February sits in the middle of Mexico’s high season, the Sayulita region offers a range of activities and terrains that will allow travelers to enjoy a local, authentic and relatively-crowd free trip. While Sayulita might just be one of the most peaceful destinations in the thriving Mexican pacific coast, it is definitely a hidden gem that comes alive in the month of February.

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