Packing up and moving to another country has so many advantages, including building up your network, getting a fresh start, and learning a new language.

For black families looking to relocate abroad, there are many factors that go into play before moving your loved-ones to a new place. You have to keep in mind race relations, stereotypes, and how you might be treated based on the color of your skin. Some countries are better than others.

Other factors to consider are access to quality education and healthcare, employment opportunities, as well as homeownership among people of color.

With that being said, here are some of the best countries for black families to live in and why:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom measures well for education, community, and job opportunities, but one of the best qualities of life in the UK is its diversity.

As we stated above, no place is perfect, but the UK is one of the safest places for black families and police do not carry guns on the streets.

In terms of affordability, London is expensive but you will find cheaper housing as you move further away from the city.


Canada has so much to offer including an excellent education system, a strong economy, high standard of living, and a quality medical care system, that makes it an ideal location for black families.

Canada is globally known for being a welcoming and accepting country and recently, was named one of the most diverse countries in the world.


The cost of living is why Panama is one of the best places for black families to relocate.

On average, you can rent a nice apartment in Panama City from $650 and up a month.

Another advantage: the culture. The Panamanian people are known to be extremely friendly and will make you feel right at home.  In addition, the country has low crime rates and long life expectancy. It is ideal for a family because of its relaxed nature, according to Expat Kings.

Costa Rica

If your plan is moving to Costa Rica, you should know that eight percent of this country is black, and it’s a quickly developing nation.

Its perfect tropical weather, universal health care, stable economy, low cost of living, and a strong middle class is why Costa Rica makes the list.