Best BBQ Restaurants in Houston
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Gatlin's Barbecue

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Gatlin's Barbecue

Best BBQ Restaurants in Houston

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 6, 2020

Visiting Houston? Then this one is for you. Over the years, Houston has developed its own identity and style of barbecue.

Here’s a list of Houston’s top restaurants for barbecue.

Burns Original BBQ

Burns Original BBQ is an approved barbecue spot by the late Anthony Bourdain. 

In the words of Mr. Bourdain himself, “I first came here fifteen years ago.  Founder Roy Burns has passed on to the great open pit in the sky since last I was here but his son and his grandchildren carry on the tradition of making some of the best east Texas-style BBQ you can find.”

Tejas Chocolate & BBQ

Tejas is where you will find barbecue and chocolate all under one roof and let’s be real – what could be a better combination?

Owners make chocolate and truffles from raw cocoa beans, and smoke USDA Prime Grade briskets in the oldest building in Tomball in what they call the “Craftory.”

Gatlin’s BBQ

Gatlin‘s BBQ is a family and black-owned restaurant that serves classic Southern barbecue. Opening its doors in 2010, Gatlin’s has quickly become a gem in the Houston area among locals and tourists.

Photo courtesy of Gatlin’s Barbecue

Ray’s BBQ Shack

Ray’s BBQ Shack is also a family and black-owned restaurant in the Houston area. Known for its hickory-smoked meats served with homemade sides and desserts all made fresh daily, the restaurant also serves burgers, salads, soups, po’boys, baked potatoes and fish and shrimp dinners in a casual and relaxed dining room.

Triple J’s Smokehouse

The motto is simple at Triple J’s Smokehouse, which states: “Life’s too short not to eat good BBQ.”

Serving Houston since 1994,  Triple J’s is easily one of the best smokehouses in the city.

Just keep mind that if you’re planning to go, the lines can be long but it’s worth it.

Truth BBQ

Over the years, Truth BBQ has consistently been ranked as a top spot for barbecue in Texas.

Known for its smoked meats, homemade sides, and desserts,  Truth is serving some of the best barbecue in Houston.

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For true smoked barbecue, Corkscrew BBQ is your best bet.  And in case you’re wondering just how good the barbecue,  Corkscrew is known to sell out every day.

The Pit Room

The Pit Room is one of the few places that take exactly how it’s advertised. The Pit Room is known for its high-quality meat – more specifically – its brisket.

Sattdown Jamaican Grill

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