Best Places To Stay On Easter Island, Chile
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Places To Stay On Easter Island, Chile

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Travel Noire Feb 2, 2019

When planning to visit Easter Island, one of the first things you’ll have to decide fairly early on is where to stay. Typically the best way of finding out the type of area you wish to reside during your visit depends on a few simple things; what brings you here and how long is your stay. Now, as easy as that may sound,  many tourists do make the wrong choice when it comes to accommodation and tend to yearn for the full and local experience of being on Easter Island.

To make it easy for you, here are some of the most common places that are preferred by those who’ve visited the island.

Stay at the heart of the town

Easter Island is quaint and small in size, but when it comes to accommodation, you can still feel at home. Unless you are here for a few days, then you might want to consider staying close to the center of town. You’ll undoubtedly have an easy time accessing some of the most important historical attractions plus other key places where you can explore this beautiful island like the museum. Staying in the heart of town will also give you access to see traditional customs on display and how the local tradition has impacted the famous island with numerous Moai statues on almost every part of town. Bear in mind, choosing to stay in or near the center of Easter Island can be quite costly compared to other areas.

Venture Just Outside Town

If you prefer more peace but still want to get the real feeling of being a local, then you might want to consider staying just a short distance away from town. This way, you will still have easy access to the town center and also access some of the main attraction spots you might’ve already bookmarked. The most significant advantage of staying outside town is that you’ll avoid high traffic areas as the island is sometimes incredibly crowded with tourists. Staying outside of town is extremely cost-effective and your dollar can go a bit farther compared to other parts of the island.

The hilly parts can be the best parts

Planning for a tour with family or anticipating more of an extended visit? Then you might want to stay in the mountainous regions of the island. The good thing about these parts is that you will have a magnificent view of the island. Additionally, you will have the chance to tour both the town and parts away from it. Typically, hotels in these places tend to offer more regarding space. They have ample parking space and enough space for outdoor activities. The environment here is quite relaxed making it an excellent place to get lost.

The moment you understand the nature of your visit to Easter Island, you will have the upper hand in finding the right location. If you want the all-inclusive option, book early but do book at Explora, where you’ll get the full historical significance of the island and a luxurious experience to help create some of the best memories for your trip.

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