The Powerful Benefits Of Raising Bilingual Children
Photo Credit: Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji | Unsplash

The Powerful Benefits Of Raising Bilingual Children

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 12, 2019

The choice to move abroad or to teach your child a second language in the home, comes with its challenges. However, there are many powerful benefits to raising bilingual children that will help them into adulthood and open up their opportunities within the world.

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According to a study conducted at the University of Chicago, and published last year in the journal Psychological Science, multilingual children can be better at communication than monolingual children. The study showed that children in multilingual environments have social experiences that provide routine practice in considering the perspectives of others, leading them to have stronger empathetic, social, and communication skills.


Bilingual and multilingual children develop a strong sense of their cultural identity which can improve their sense of self-worth. According to, for immigrant families and communities, raising bilingual children who can speak the language of their family and friends back in their country of origin preserves important relationships, traditions, and identity.


According to and other resources, being bilingual can help with a host of health issues including dementia and faster recovery from strokes in adulthood. The study shows that people with more mental activities have more interconnected brains, which are able to deal better with damage.

Brain Function

Along with the health benefits that affect the brain mentioned above, bilingual children have stronger cognitive function linked to critical thinking and problem solving. There are many studies that show how children who speak two languages statistically scored higher when it came to creative thinking and problem solving.

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Job Opportunities

If you can speak English and Spanish, you can communicate with 80 percent of the world. This opens up a huge amount of opportunities for young people in the job market and is a powerful skill to beat out the competition.

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