The Couple That Travels The World Together, Stays Together
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The Couple That Travels The World Together, Stays Together

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Feb 14, 2019

Tia is a North Carolina-native. She moved to Abu Dhabi four years ago and couldn’t be happier. She currently works as an athletic director and physical education teacher. She also met her ‘bae’ abroad. We spoke with her via email about love and life abroad.

Photo courtesy of Tia
Travel Noire: Why did you move abroad initially?

Tia: I moved to Abu Dhabi to experience a new life and to travel more. I previously lived in Germany for my student teaching. Travel was so cheap and easily accessible from this side of the world. Once the opportunity presented itself to move abroad for higher pay, free housing, and tax-free salary, I jumped on a plane quick.

Photo courtesy of Tia
TN: Tell us how you met ‘bae.’

Tia: Seven months into my stay in the UAE, I was at a kickback when this fine chocolate man appears. I had seen him around Abu Dhabi before, but only in passing.

As the night progressed we chatted and it quickly turned into a little playground back and forth. We laughed it up the entire night but kept it casual. Working for the company that we worked for, permanence is not something that you can bank on. After five months of faking the funk, we decided to take a chance and see where following our feelings would land us. Here we are, three years and nine countries later, in love with one another and the world of travel.

Photo courtesy of Tia
TN: Is it easy or hard to maintain a relationship on foreign soil?

Tia: For us, it has been easy to maintain our relationship because we are so connected, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I also find it very easy to maintain because of all of the opportunities we have together. We have traveled to nine countries together, been deported twice from two different countries, and completed the world’s longest zip line, just to name a few. Being in a different country definitely puts a new spin on dating and keeping things fresh.

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TN: How does finding love abroad compare to looking back home?

Tia: Living abroad and preparing to date is very different from back home. Living in the Middle East, dating for women is especially difficult. I found that as a teacher, we outnumber men in our profession. When people move away from everyone they know, the opportunity for reinvention arises and some people take advantage. There have been occasions where people have moved here and presented themselves as single with no ties back at home, only to find out that they have a whole spouse and several offspring waiting on them to come home.

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TN: Do you see yourself moving back to America?

Tia: At the moment I have minimal reasons to move back home. Among that list, my family. There are just so many more opportunities for me here. I recently accepted a higher job position that is going to catapult me in my career when and if I do decide to go home. Living here also allows me to continue traveling.

I also have a desire to raise children abroad to give them cultural diversity. There are just way more possibilities living abroad at this point in my life, and I plan to take full advantage as long as I can.

Photo courtesy of Tia
TN: What tips can you give on looking for love abroad?

Tia: My best tips on looking for love while living abroad would be:

1)   Check who you are dealing with. Background checks aren’t only for the po-po.
2)    Stay flexible. If one or two experiences aren’t great, don’t give up.
3)   Be open to new things. Everyone isn’t from where you are and wasn’t raised like you. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Explore new places, people and things. There is no telling what could come of it.
TN: Where can we find you on social media?
Tia: You all can find me on Instagram @TiaTakesTheWorld.

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