Baltimore/Washington International Added To List Of Airports With Early Checkpoint Closings
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Baltimore/Washington International Added To List Of Airports With Early Checkpoint Closings

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Jan 21, 2019

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is the latest to shut down parts of their airport due to a lack of TSA agents.

Checkpoint A closed at 5:35 pm on Saturday after an excessive number of callouts. There have been no updates on when the busy checkpoint will open again. BWI is following in the footsteps of Miami International Airport and Houston-Intercontinental. Both airports were forced to shut entire terminals down, which caused travelers to be confused about where to go to board their flights. As we enter day 30 of the government shutdown, things aren’t getting any better but some people are working together to make it right.

According to a report from the New York Post, ten federal air marshalls are suing the government because of the shutdown. The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of over 400,000 federal employees that have been forced to work without pay. It may sound like a longshot, but the group’s lawyer is more than confident they can win the lawsuit because of the Fair Labor Standards Act. A lawsuit similar to this one was filed back in 2013 and the judge ruled in their favor.

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To help those employees still reporting to work, Lyft and United Way are working together so federal workers can cut travel costs. Lyft donated to the Capital Area Food Bank and gave $20 gas cards to those affected by the shutdown. They also started a new program called “Relief Rides” for government employees. The program is part of a new partnership with United Way, where employees can get two rides free up to $10 through the rideshare service. They can call DC’s 2-1-1 line for a promo code that activates the two free rides.

Airports across the country are working together to help workers get through this challenging time by picking up the tab for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for unpaid TSA agents. St. Louis-Lambert International Airport plus major airports in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Seattle have pitched in to pay for lunch for TSA agents working checkpoints.

Travelers should continue to check on new TSA updates by following their Twitter page and the MyTSA app. 

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