Need New Baecation Ideas? Check Out These Luxury Train Rides
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Need New Baecation Ideas? Check Out These Luxury Train Rides

Paris , France , Peru
DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 5, 2019

Trying to think outside the box can be hard sometimes, especially when it comes to leveling up your date nights and baecation ideas. But, this celebrity couple just put us on to a new way to spend time with our significant other.

Ludacris and his wife, Eudoxie, recently headed to Europe to embark on a luxury overnight train ride from Paris to Venice, Italy.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express — complete with 24-hour maid service, champagne, and upgraded beds — travels from Paris through Switzerland and finally stops in Venice.

In addition to the accommodations onboard, passengers are offered caviar, a full bar, and music from a live pianist. This particular train has several routes to choose from. You can go through London, Paris, Switzerland, and more via this European based luxury experience.

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Now how is that for knocking your boo off their feet?

There are several other countries around the world that offer similar experiences, but they will come at a large price tag. Most experiences start around $2,000 per night with costs as high as $10,000.

The Belmond Andean Explore, in Peru, offers one or two-night options that run every seven days. With this destination you will be treated to cabin style rooms, a spa onboard, and a locally sourced Peruvian menu. This train travels from Cusco and ventures through the Andes before stopping in Lake Titicaca.

India’s Maharajas’ Express is another great option for those that are into train rides. This route can vary from four days up to eight days. You’ll be treated to 5-star accommodations and picturesque views of some of the country’s most noteworthy landmarks. The journey will start at $3,850 fo double occupancy and go up based on the length of your journey and the cabin you stay in.

While the prices may be pretty high on these experiences, it is definitely something different to do when you want to treat bae to something special.

Is your boo worth the price?

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