Avoid Buying These 5 Items At The Airport If You're On A Budget
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Avoid Buying These 5 Items At The Airport If You're On A Budget

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 23, 2020

Oftentimes, traveling through the airport requires enduring long layovers where you’re stuck being hungry, bored or a combination of the two. This can result in spending unnecessary money and therefore inheriting buyer’s remorse. 

If you’re usually tempted to splurge while in the airport, just remind yourself that most items are priced with a steep markup. 

Here are 5 things you should avoid purchasing at the airport if you’re on a budget:

If you’re going to have a long layover, the best thing to do is to eat before your flight and pack food. Not only is it better for your health, as most food options at the airport are on the unhealthy side, but it will save you tons of money. 

Airport restaurants have inflated prices because of high operating costs and most of the time, the prices aren’t worth the taste of the food. 

Luckily, TSA allows food through security and on fights, as long as it’s not liquid.

It’s always a smart idea to bring a reusable water bottle while traveling. Reusable water bottles are great for the environment and you can refill it at the airport’s water fountains. 

Purchasing a bottle of water at the airport can cost you about $5 per bottle. For example, in 2015, Hudson News received backlash after selling water for 300% more than the average retail price

Of course, we all want to stay connected while traveling, but buying WiFi at the airport can result in heavy costs. Most airports offer free wifi for a limited amount of time and if you need more time, you’ll have to pay outrageous fees. 

Shot of a businessman sitting in an airport making an online reservation with his credit card

If you can avoid using the wifi, spend time reading or relaxing. If it’s urgent, try sitting near a restaurant in the airport and connecting to their wifi. 

Sometimes boredom in the airport leads to shopping and purchasing items that are overpriced, like electronics. If you forget your phone or laptop charger, try finding free ones to use at ports in the airport and purchasing a new one once arriving at your destination. 

If you need foreign currency, it’s best to head to a local ATM once landing. Trying to get foreign currency in the airport comes with high commission fees that are not worth it.

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