Strange Things Found In People's Luggage This Week, From Leeches To Grenades
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Strange Things Found In People's Luggage This Week, From Leeches To Grenades

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 1, 2019

A four-legged worker of the Canada Border Services Agency discovered probably one of the strangest things at Toronto Pearson International Airport last year. The beagle found 5,000 live leeches in the luggage of a Canadian man as he came back from Russia. He wasn’t trying to hide them so he won’t be charged with anything serious, but the passenger will be charged with illegally importing an internationally regulated species without having the proper papers for them. Andre Lupert, manager of Intelligence for the Wildlife Enforcement Directorate at Environment and Climate Change Canada, said the creepy crawler lover would face trial sometime this month.

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Oddly enough, leech therapy is a thing. It is called hirudotherapy and has been used by doctors for years. The FDA approved the use of leeches for certain surgical applications, like trauma and reconstructive procedures, in 2004.

That’s far from the only weird thing found at the airport. We were hoping that since the government shutdown is temporarily over, people would act right. We were wrong. Earlier this week, TSA posted a picture of a gold grenade said to be found in a traveler’s luggage at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. After being taken in for questioning, the passenger told authorities that he was heading to Phoenix to a military training exercise with the explosive device. However, it was incapable of going off.

The passenger was allowed to continue his trip to Arizona, but the grenade had to stay behind. Did he really think TSA was going to let him take it with him? It wasn’t going to fly since TSA is used to finding fake grenades, especially bottle openers that look like them. After a marijuana grinder was mistaken for a grenade, an airport in Argentina had to be completely evacuated.

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