Audacity Fest 2019 Aims To Connect Black Travelers
Photo Credit: Slim Emcee | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Slim Emcee | Unsplash

Audacity Fest 2019 Aims To Connect Black Travelers

Memphis , United States , Tennessee
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Jul 9, 2019

The black-travel movement is in full force. With more black and brown people investing in travel and exploring the world, it’s no surprise that festivals geared towards black travelers are starting to emerge and make their own mark within the movement. 

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This year, AUDACITY Fest 2019 is heading to Memphis, Tennessee from September 27 – 29th. 

According to their website, the three-day festival was created by NOMADNESS Travel Tribe and is the gathering of like minds in travel and culture. This festival is the safe space for black and brown travelers from around the world, to build ideas, meet travel influencers, and experience parts of the world through on-site activations. The day includes panels, one-on-one fireside chats, international music & DJs, celebrity appearances, food, vendors, and community love.

With something for every type of traveler, there are six travel styles that are represented through a variety of panels, vendors, and on-site sponsorship experiences: culinary, self-care, immersive, adventure, budget, and luxury. 

AUDACITY has already secured a host of speakers in travel including body positivity expert Jeffrey Jenkins, travelpernuer Gloria Atanmo, sustainability and wellness expert Ashley Sonwu, and others with the list growing weekly.  You can also view the current schedule of events here to start planning your travel plans to Memphis.

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Book your travel now and partake in this meeting of the minds. As AUDACITY’s powerful manifesto states, “we are the nomads, game changers, creatives, and mouthpieces of our generation. We are opinionated, intellectual, and innovative. We give a damn about the world, and where it’s headed. We travel for cultural exchange as much as we do for self-preservation. We have the audacity to celebrate our joys, and power through our pain. We attract our tribe, therefore that’s why were are here. But make no mistake… we are everywhere.”

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