Anti-Racism Training Is Now Mandatory For American Airlines Employees
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Anti-Racism Training Is Now Mandatory For American Airlines Employees

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Travel Noire Dec 6, 2017

After the NAACP issued a “travel advisory” for American Airlines back in October, the carrier seems to be fretful of taking any chances. They are now making their employees undergo anti-racism training.

According to KTLA,  beginning in 2018, everyone at the company will need to complete annual implicit bias training.

The NAACP warned black travelers, urging them to be careful when flying American Airlines. The organization said it had noticed “a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African American passengers, specific to American Airlines,” citing four examples of black flyers who were forced to give up their seats or were removed from flights. This is what lead to the Thursday training announcement.

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“We are proud of the diversity and inclusion initiatives already in place at American, but we know we can do even better. So we viewed the feedback as an opportunity,” CEO Doug Parker said in a letter to staff.

The training program’s curriculum is still being developed, but it will be conducted both in-person and through an online module.

American Airlines executives also took the step of meeting with NAACP leaders earlier Thursday. Despite strong efforts made by the airline, the NAACP has decided to keep their advisory in effect for now.

“We think we’re on the right road, but the NAACP will continue to meet with Doug Parker and other senior American Airline[s] employees to ensure that the company walks the walk as well as it talks the talk,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said.

American is also bringing in an independent firm to review its hiring practices and has pledged to overhaul its system for managing discrimination complaints.

With all the new changes, does this make you want to fly American? The issue of discrimination and racism seems that it transcends an anti-racism course. However, an A for effort.

This article originally appeared on Blavity.

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