A young man in Centralia was arrested Friday morning for pulling a handgun on passengers riding an Amtrak train.

What happened:

According to the reports, police were contacted by Amtrak at 4:33 a.m. Friday about a suspect who pulled a gun on the other passengers. All authorities that were available in the area were sent to the Centralia Station. By 4:35 am the train arrived at the station and officers met with Amtrak conductors as well as 24-year-old Robert King.

Story still developing

Photo Credit: Alex Fu

Conductors explained to officers that King had had a firearm. King was then detained as the police officers questioned other witnesses. Conductors told police that King showed them a text message that someone on the train was going to kill him. The conductors cornered King into an empty train car to gather more information. One conductor stayed with King while the other two went into the other cars to question passengers and look for the man King was describing as the person who wanted to kill him. That’s when one of the other passengers told the conductor that King was the suspect with the firearm. Conductors went back into the train car and asked King if he had a weapon. King proceeds to throw the weapon on the ground. One conductor pushed King against the wall as the other conductor confiscated the firearm.


Officers and conductors still tried to find the man that fit the description of who King claims were trying to kill him. No one matched the description. King was then taken to the police station but refused to give a statement.

Eventually, King was charged with weapons possession and then put through the system and transported to Marion County Jail in Salem.