Welcome To Tudy's Kitchen: Amsterdam's Only Black-Owned Ice Cream Brand
Photo Credit: Tudy's Kitchen

Photo Credit: Tudy's Kitchen

Welcome To Tudy's Kitchen: Amsterdam's Only Black-Owned Ice Cream Brand

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 10, 2021

Tudy’s Kitchen is Amsterdam’s only Black-owned ice cream brand, and it’s on a mission to remind people to take pleasure in the simple things in life— all while spreading delight with each bite.

Founded by Nekeia Boone, the Black-owned ice cream brand owner takes a spin on traditional favorites, unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. The Chicken and Waffles flavor is a beautiful mixture of salty-sweet with a hint of crunch.


Want an ice cream sandwich? She has created a light and fluffy sweet cream ice cream sandwich between what she calls an ‘everything cookie.’

And if you think Froze can only be ordered as a drink at brunch, think again. Boone has a rosé sangria sorbet made with wine-soaked fruits and a hint of lemon, and the color is just as beautiful as the ice cream sounds.


“We are obsessed with dreaming up new ways to reinvent the familiar,” Boone stated on a recent Kickstarter campaign. “Recognize your favorite brunch dish or dessert in one of our flavors? We’ll even surprise you with a few that mimic your favorite drink. Our imagination has no bounds.”

By supporting Tudy’s Kitchen, you’re supporting a brand that is supporting and giving back to the local community by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The founder, who has been able to take production from her kitchen into a startup space at the Kitchen Republic, also cares about creating business opportunities for underrepresented groups, particularly women and people of color.

“Tudy’s Kitchen has a strong bias to collaborate with people who come from these groups, and partner with entities who believe in these values, to help us build our brand,” she says.

The ice cream can currently be found at Sterk Amsterdam – a specialty shop full of other unique, international products. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, She hopes to launch a website and plans to expand her products on a variety of delivery apps.

If you’re in Amsterdam, you don’t want to miss it. And while there, here’s our guide to spending a day in Black-owned Amsterdam.

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