Amsterdam Has Banned Airbnb From These Three Districts
Photo Credit: franckreporter

Photo Credit: franckreporter

Amsterdam Has Banned Airbnb From These Three Districts

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 7, 2020

In an effort to control overtourism, the city of Amsterdam is implementing strict rules for visitors. Some of the rules include a ban on tours in certain areas, restricting public drinking as locals are fed up with large and disruptive crowds, and the latest rule change, which involves a ban on vacation rentals from three districts in the city’s old center.

The ban began on July 1 and includes a ban of home-sharing platforms from operating in the districts of Burgwallen-Oude Zijde, Burgwallen-Nieuwe Zijde, and Grachtengordel-Zuid.

The decision to ban comes after city officials conducted a poll of residents and local organizations about banning certain home-sharing platforms. 75 percent of respondents said they support the decision to implement such measures.

In a press release, deputy mayor Laurens Ivens said, “this [consultation] indicates that the subject is very much alive among Amsterdammers. What is striking is that no less than 75% are in favor of a ban on holiday rentals in the three districts.”

But all is not lost in those districts.  Homeowners will be permitted to rent their homes to visitors for a maximum of 30 nights a year.

There is a possibility, however, that Amsterdam can reconsider its ban. City officials will conduct another study in two years to determine if more districts should be added if similar problems arise in other areas.

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