Election Woes: Americans Searching For Emotional Support Canadians
Photo Credit: FluxFactory/ Getty Images

Photo Credit: FluxFactory/ Getty Images

Election Woes: Americans Searching For Emotional Support Canadians

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Nov 4, 2020

We must admit, the headline is humorous and a little sad all at the time time. But, it is very much real. As results began to come in on election night, the hashtag ‘Emotional Support Canadian” began trending on Twitter.

It all started as Americans took to Twitter to seek out Canadian friends to help them through the emotional rollercoaster of waiting for results. What made it even better is that Canadians were on standby to help.

According to a post made by Eric Garland, millions of Canadians were ready and willing to help Americans get through the journey. The thread even went as far as telling Americans which regions of Canada to look for people in, depending on their specific interests.

“If you find lighthouses REALLY soothing, ask for an emotional support Canadian in Newfoundland,” Garland said in the thread.

Americans began replying asking if there was any way for the borders to open, even if just for a few days. Long enough for them to book a flight and come on up. As you may recall, the US-Canadian border is still closed because of the rise in COVID-19 cases in the United States.

As we continue to wait for the official announcement, we are sure there will be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people planning an escape route if things don’t go as planned.

Either way, stay safe out there, fam.

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