Here's Why American Travelers Are Flocking To Vietnam
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Huy Phan

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Huy Phan

Here's Why American Travelers Are Flocking To Vietnam

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 7, 2023

Over the last year, tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam has increased. According to the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, Hanoi welcomed 2.6 million foreign visitors this year.

Vietnam’s historic grace dates back centuries. It’s one of the oldest nations in existence with empires dating back to 2879 BC. It is a rich city that is home to a group of proud citizens. Here are a few reasons why Hanoi is growing in popularity.

Old World Charm

Photo credit: Tomáš Malík

Hanoi is full of old world charm. A melting pot of Vietnamese, French, and Chinese culture, the Vietnam city is a fusion of delicious flavor and vibrant culture. There’s plenty to explore for the traveling historian throughout the streets of Hanoi. 

The Old Quarter, nicknamed “36 Streets,” is one of the first neighborhoods built after Vietnam gained independence from China. Today it is the hub for craftsmen and artists. The streets are lined with Vietnamese art, tube-like houses and remnants of the past. They wind like a labyrinth through the boutique shops and cafes providing a new age glimpse into the city’s history for visitors.

Beyond the Old Quarter, the French Quarter pays homage to Vietnamese culture’s Francian influence. Here tourists find beautiful French architecture, upscale restaurants and Vietnam’s first university, The Imperial Academy. Ancient structures, like the Temple of Literature and One Pillar Pagoda, stand within the French Quarter, giving visitors more insight into Vietnam’s ancient past. 

Food is a major component of tourism in Hanoi. Visitors enjoy being able to get a little bit of everything due to the city’s diverse, culinary influences. While social media has popularized Vietnamese street food, experienced travelers suggest experiencing Hanoi’s upscale dining scene. A three-course meal only will cost about $50 in the city. 

Safe For Solo Travelers

Photo credit: Arnie Chou

Travel Off Path ranked Hanoi as one of the best destinations for solo travelers. While the Vietnam city has a flare that is unmatched by other Southeast Asian destinations, Hanoi is also extremely safe. This makes it a hotspot for people traveling alone. 

Google search inquiries revealed that searches for solo travel to Hanoi increased over the last 12 months. For those looking to explore beyond tourist attractions, Hanoi is perfect for backpackers and bikers. The city has hostels dedicated to hosting backpackers and a historical backdrop for adventures on foot.

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