American Airlines Employees Get New Uniforms After Previous Uniforms Deemed Unsafe
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

American Airlines Employees Get New Uniforms After Previous Uniforms Deemed Unsafe

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Mar 6, 2020

If you recall a few years back, there was a lot of press around complaints from American Airlines’ employees regarding their uniforms. Pilots, flight attendants, and even gate agents were suffering from rashes, headaches, and even had issues breathing from the previous material.

In 2017, a lawsuit was filed against the former manufacturer Twin Hill, and since then the airline has been working to find a better option for its employees.

“When we set out to create our new uniform collection, the clear goal was to deliver an industry-leading program with the highest levels of safety, input, and choice,” Brady Byrnes, the airline’s managing director of fight service base operations, said in a statement this week.

“Today’s launch is the culmination of years’ worth of input from team members, wear testing in the operation and the highest levels of garment certification… This isn’t just a uniform for our team members, it’s one that was created by them, and we are excited to turn the page.”

The new uniforms were created by Lands’ End and prior to being distributed to more than 5,000 employees, they were independently tested for hazardous chemicals, according to the airline.

Employees will be able to choose between a wool-blend or synthetic suiting fabric and they are said to be the “safest airline uniform in the industry.”

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