American Airlines Cancels Thousands Of Flights Which Could Impact Holiday Travel
Photo Credit: martin-dm

Photo Credit: martin-dm

American Airlines Cancels Thousands Of Flights Which Could Impact Holiday Travel

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 2, 2021

American Airlines suffered negative pushback from passengers who experienced canceled flights over the past week. The highest number of flights canceled in a single day last weekend reached over 1,500.

The reasons behind the canceled flights are said to be AA staff shortages and poor weather conditions. Nonetheless, American Airlines has had a consistent decline in flights worldwide that has affected thousands of expected flight passengers.

On Sunday alone, American Airlines experienced 1,058 flight cancellations and between Friday and Sunday, nearly 900 flights were dropped.

“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences,” American’s COO David Seymour wrote in a statement.

He said that most customers were rebooked the same day and that he expects the operation to stabilize in November.

Most of the aircraft’s crews faced environmental difficulties in Dallas-Fort Worth, where the Texas-based airline has its headquarters. To combat the shortage of working employees, the airline will have approximately 2,000 onboarded staff assisting with future flights. These airline employees will be returning from work hiatuses that were set in place during the early pandemic.

The airline lost $75 million due to recent flight cancellations and even though the number of canceled flights is dwindling day by day, there still is a large population of dissatisfied potential passengers.

The disarray at airports in the United States that continue to cause havoc for expected travelers is a part of Americans returning to air travel. The madness of airports is becoming center stage with the violent and surprising behavior that passengers have displayed mid-flight.

Although flights are beginning to pick up again, the airline is still not financially on track compared to its stats in previous years.

To eliminate the risk of more flight interruptions, American Airlines is going to cut down on future travel for the remainder of the year— which could impact your holiday travels.

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