American Airlines Responds To Boosie's Rant After He Was Not Allowed To Board Flight Late
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

American Airlines Responds To Boosie's Rant After He Was Not Allowed To Board Flight Late

American Airlines
Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Jun 12, 2019

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz (Torrence Hatch, Jr.) says that he had an unfavorable experience with American Airlines while he and his family attempted to board a flight from Charlotte to Grand Rapids on Saturday. In a profanity-laced Instagram rant, he said, “The man who just refused to let me get on the plane with my kids is a b*tch a** hater” and that “the captain told you that we could be let on but you did not want us on because of your jealousy towards me.” He went on to say, “the people that work for this wack a** airline company have horrible attitudes.” According to the rapper, he missed a pre-booked appearance due to the inconvenience.

The full rant, which also included violent threats, homophobic slurs and more, still remains on his page. You can read the full post below:

American Airlines has since responded to the rapper’s rant, highlighting that he and his family arrived late to their connecting flight and were rebooked as per standard protocol.

“Mr. Hatch’s inbound flight from Jackson, Miss., to Charlotte, N.C., this past Saturday was delayed, and he arrived at the gate for his connecting flight to Grand Rapids, Mich., after the airplane door had been closed,” said AA spokesman Ross Feinstein. “We immediate rebooked Mr. Hatch and his family for a later flight, which is our standard procedure for missed connections.”

According to the airline’s records, Boosie arrived at the gate at 2:36 pm but the cabin door had already been closed. Per protocol, passengers are required to be at the gate no later than 10 minutes before departure. The flight Boosie was slated to be on left at 2:41 pm, 3 minutes before its scheduled departure of 2:44 pm.

After being rebooked, Boosie and his family accepted a flight to Detroit rather than Grand Rapids, as the Detroit flight was leaving earlier.

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