American Airlines will be adding flights to many more different parts of the United States and the world in the new year. MSN reports that in the year 2019, the airline company will be flying planes to other destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean.


The date of the new routing change for Cuban flights is May 3. On this date, American flights will leave Miami International Airport and head to Antonio Maceo Airport in Santiago de Cuba for the very first time. Then, on June 6, flights taking off from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport will land in Durango International Airport in Mexico for the first time, too.


The Vice President of American Airlines, Vasu Raja, made an official statement about the news. “We have had a robust schedule of flights between the U.S. and the Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America region for years from our DFW and MIA hubs,” he said. “As we work to deliver the best network, these new routes reinforce our commitment to the region and provide new options for customers.”


On top of all of these new international routes, American Airlines will be adding on even more flights to already existing destinations. Some of these areas include, but aren’t limited to flights from Miami, Charlotte, Dallas, and LaGuardia to the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Aruba, Cuba, and Mexico. Plus, more domestic flights to places such as Florida, Arizona, Georgia, California and more will be leaving out of Dallas, as well.


So, if you’re a fan of American Airlines, these new routes could be music to your ears. The new year 2019 isn’t too far away from us, which means that you’ll be able to book new flights to some of the new hot destinations in no time. Get your coins together for the fun new flight adventures.