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Love And Light Movement:
The Black Travel Group
Promoting Luxurious Self-Care
Ayah A. / Jul 5 2021

The 35-year-old from the Inland Empire, California began travel blogging in 2020 to share her unique experience as a traveler and launched the Love and Light Movement.

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American Airlines Will Rebook
You For Free, If You're This Late
For Your Flight
Nasha Smith / Apr 30 2021

American Airlines is taking some of the stress out of travel with a new policy that allows travelers arriving a few minutes late for their flight to rebook at no extra cost.

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2022 On The Horizon:
7 Of The Best New Year's Eve
Destinations To Celebrate

Here are some destinations to consider for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

7 Islands In The U.S. You Should Add
To Your Travel List

Here are 7 islands in the U.S. you can visit on
your next getaway.

Tips To Help You Eat Like A Local While Traveling

If you want to skip the tourist hotspots and eat like a local, here are a few rules of thumb to make that a reality.

10 Ways Travelers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

How to wander with intention and do your best to preserve this planet while traveling.