Amazon To Reimburse $4000 To U.S. Employees Who Travel For Abortions
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Christian Wiediger

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Christian Wiediger

Amazon To Reimburse $4000 To U.S. Employees Who Travel For Abortions

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Rafael Peña May 3, 2022 told its employees on Monday it will pay up to $4000 in travel expenses annually for medical treatments including abortions and other non-life threatening procedures.

This makes Amazon the latest company alongside Yelp and Citigroup to create a loophole against laws within states that curb abortion access and assist employees in getting the care they need. This also shows how eager companies are to retain talent within their workforce considering the legal changes within the red states.

By the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide to allow abortion or reverse the Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion legal nationwide. Almost two dozen states including Oklahoma and Alabama are ready to set limits on abortion procedures if the Roe ruling is reversed.

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Details of Amazon’s new benefit for employees hired as of before and on January 1st, express that if a medical operation or procedure is not available within a 100- mile radius of the employee’s home and virtual care isn’t possible the employees have access to this new benefit. The program is open to U.S. employees and their dependents enrolled in Aetna or Premera health plans.

Now the $4000 benefit isn’t only limited to abortion but also for treatments such as cardiology, cellular gene therapies, and substance abuse disorder services. On another note, Amazon already offers a $10,000 benefit for life- threatening issues.

The news also came on the day Amazon announced it will no longer pay employees paid time off for getting diagnosed with COVID-19, instead they will get five days of unpaid leave.

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