Alaska Air Facing Criticism After Video Of Employee Throwing Luggage Off Plane Surfaces
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Alaska Air Facing Criticism After Video Of Employee Throwing Luggage Off Plane Surfaces

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jun 10, 2019

Alaska Airlines is catching heat online after a video posted to social media shows a worker carelessly throwing luggage from an airplane.

Twitter user Raz Davidov posted the video with a caption that reads, “Taken place at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, one of the Alaska Airlines workers was carelessly throwing luggage out of the plane. This is unacceptable!”

The video shows a worker pushing luggage off the plane and onto a cart below. Some of the pieces of luggage from the plane missed the cart and dropped right on the tarmac.

Twitter users chimed in calling the situation “typical” while sharing their own airline luggage grievances.

One Twitter user stated, “So that’s how all 4 wheels got broken on my brand new suitcase!!”

Another user, “My last flight my suitcase looked like it had been run over by a tank.”

Not long after the video posted, Alaska Airlines responded to the video.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you please DM us when this video was taken?”

Despite the criticism, others Twitter users were unsympathetic.

“Well if you don’t like the service airlines provide you can always drive yourself to your destination or take a bus! That is why they build suitcases to take that sort of abuse. You must be new to air travel,” one user stated.

“Your bag is fine,” said another with the rolling eye emoji.

“They don’t get paid enough for the amount of work that they do. They’re expected to unload and reload a plane in less than 15 minutes over 100 luggage’s with only one other person,” a Twitter user added.

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