You'll Never Guess Which Airlines Have Been Rated Most Punctual
Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash

You'll Never Guess Which Airlines Have Been Rated Most Punctual

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 18, 2019

Imagine having to rush to the airport to make your flight only to be informed that your flight is delayed. Or, perhaps, arriving super early and ready for your flight to only end up waiting long hours in the airport because of a delay.

Knowing which airlines are reliable and punctual is an important factor for many travelers.

A biannual list of On-Time Performance Star Ratings was recently released by OAG (top provider of air travel data) and only one of 13 airlines to receive five stars is a U.S. carrier.

Airlines of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia came in on top with a 91.6 percentage rating of their on-time flights.

OAG ranked 125 airlines who had a minimum of 600 operations per month based on their punctuality. They used data from June 2018 through May 2019 and defined on-time arrivals as ones that take off less than 15 minutes after schedule.

The airlines that received five stars performed in the top 10 percent with the bottom 10 percent receiving one star.

These ratings are given by OAG twice a year and are based on the previous year of data.

Here are the 13 U.S. based carriers that placed in the recent ratings:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines – 5 stars, 87.8% punctuality
  2. Delta Airlines – 4 stars, 83.4% punctuality
  3. Alaska Airlines – 4 stars, 80.7% punctuality
  4. Spirit Airlines – 4 stars, 80.4% punctuality
  5. Cape Air – 3 stars, 79.9% punctuality
  6. Southwest Airlines – 3 stars, 78.3% punctuality
  7. Allegiant Air – 3 stars, 78% punctuality
  8. United Airlines – 3 stars, 76.9% punctuality
  9. America Airlines – 3 stars, 76.9% punctuality
  10. JetBlue Airways – 3 stars, 73.5% punctuality
  11. Frontier Airlines – 2 stars, 69.4% punctuality
  12. Silver Airways – 2 stars, 68.5% punctuality
  13. Sun County Airlines – 2 stars, 68.1% punctuality

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