The New AirFly Pro Is A Perfect Holiday Gift For The Techie Traveler
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

The New AirFly Pro Is A Perfect Holiday Gift For The Techie Traveler

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 19, 2019

Thinking of what to get your loved one that loves travel and tech this holiday season? The AirFly Pro would be the perfect solution. 

The AirFly Pro, made by accessory company TwelveSouth, will provide “a way to connect Bluetooth headphones to any audio source with a 3.5 mm headphone jack,” according to Tech Crunch

This gadget is available at Apple Stores and according to Tech Crunch, they are “the ideal way to make sure you can use your AirPods Pro just about everywhere, including with airplane seatback entertainment systems.”

TwelveSouth describes the device as “the missing link between wireless headphones and wired headphone jacks.”

What’s best is you don’t necessarily need AirPods Pro for the device, they will work with any Bluetooth capable headphones. 

The AirFly Pro gives users the capability to stream audio in and out, making it easy to use in a car stereo system or from your iPhone straight to your car’s sound system. You’ll also be able to connect two pairs of headphones at the same time, perfect for when you’re traveling with a friend or loved one. 

This device is an ideal gift because it’s easy to set up and pair and it comes with a keychain. The battery lasts for approximately 16 hours and is great for long flights.

TwelveSouth has also released the AirFly Duo and AirFly USB-C models, giving you an extra four hours of battery life. The only downside to these devices is they don’t offer wireless audio input mode. 

The AirFly Pro is currently $54.99 and the AirFly Duo and AIrFly USB-C are $49.99.

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