Airbnb Unveils A New 'Flexible Dates' Feature To Adapt With Times
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Airbnb Unveils A New 'Flexible Dates' Feature To Adapt With Times

Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Mar 3, 2021

If the past year has taught us anything it’s that things can change in an instant. Airbnb recognizes the need to keep things flexible. The company has unveiled a new feature for those who need a bit more flexibility in their travel plans.

Travelers can now take advantage of the new “Flexible Dates” feature that allows them to search for homes without the constraints of specific check-in or check-out dates. Instead, guests can search for options like “weekend getaway” or “week-long vacation,” or even a “months-long stay.” The company says that this will allow customers the opportunity to browse more options while staying flexible on the exact dates of their trip.

In a recent blog post, Airbnb acknowledged that travel has evolved rapidly during the pandemic, and they are committed to adapting along with their customers.

“It’s no surprise COVID-19 continues to change the way we travel, and in addition to redesigning our platform last year to make nearby and longer-term stays easier to find and book, our new Flexible Dates feature aligns with a broader shift in how people will travel in the future. The traditional travel industry was built around fixed destinations with fixed dates in mind, but that model no longer meets the needs of today’s travelers.”

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