Airbnb No Longer Accepting COVID-19 As A Term For Cancellation
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Cottonbro

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Cottonbro

Airbnb No Longer Accepting COVID-19 As A Term For Cancellation

R. Peña
R. Peña May 3, 2022

This month Airbnb will be ending their coronavirus-era cancellation policy, that allows Airbnb guests to cancel their reservations due to the virus without penalty.

After May 31st, the short -term rental company will no longer allow COVID-19 to be a reason for cancellation under their “extenuating circumstances policy,” but will allow cancellations under the host own cancellation policy. This plan will go in effect for all countries except South Korea.

Airbnb’s “Extenuating Circumstances” policy has been allowing cancellations of home and experience reservations since March 2020 and allowing customers the opportunity to cancel bookings if they or the host should get COVID-19. According to this clause in the policy, guests who needed to cancel were given refunds or credits towards another trip and hosts were able to cancel without penalty or loss of their Superhost status.

Photo Courtesy: Airbnb

“As we’ve seen the heroic effort of health authorities and medical advancements around the globe, almost two- thirds of the world’s population have received at least one dose of a vaccination against COVID-19. And many countries have now implemented living with COVID-19 plans, as it becomes part of our world,” wrote Airbnb in a statement on Friday. “As a result of this new way of living, beginning 31 May, we are updating our Extenuating Circumstances policy to no longer cover COVID-19 related circumstances as a reason for a refund for bookings made on or after this date.”

Usually, Airbnb let hosts decide their own cancellation policies, such as permitting that guests can cancel for a full refund within five days before checking in to receive a full refund. Airbnb states nearly sixty percent of listings on the site “offer a moderate of flexible cancelation policy.”

In the future, Airbnb plans to implement a guest travel insurance offer available to customers in certain countries. The company also introduced an update of “cleaning standards” since the COVID-19 pandemic that will continue as part of the standard moving forward.

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