AirBnb Launches Campaign To Promote Trips To Costa Rica In New Partnership
Photo Credit: Leah Freeman-Haskin

Photo Credit: Leah Freeman-Haskin

AirBnb Launches Campaign To Promote Trips To Costa Rica In New Partnership

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Tennelle Swan
Tennelle Swan Sep 2, 2021

On August 11, AirBnb announced a new partnership in Costa Rica. The Alliance is with WWF Mesoamérica, the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants (CACORE), and the National Chef’s Association (ANCH). The aim is to “boost the revival of international tourism and to promote safe, responsible and sustainable travel”. Through its Costa Rica by Land initiative, Airbnb aims to stimulate sustainable travel and maintain protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The new campaign hopes to boost the economy of local restaurants and small gastronomic businesses that are along these routes. The alliance with WWF helps to promote sustainable, responsible, and inclusive tourism. The tours are intended to be an alternative to popular and traditional tourism. Travelers can travel more safely and learn more about local communities and contributing to the economic recovery of the country.

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Costa Rica by Land

On this website created by Airbnb, travel enthusiasts can find the routes with their destinations and points of interest. They also have a focus on sustainable tourism and cultural recommendations. The focus for the routes is to be close to nature and people who are part of local economies. This initiative will show visitors the diversity of the natural wealth found in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica by Land Route 1 – Photo Credit:

The first two Costa Rica by Land routes travel the following points:

Surf Route: Las Baulas National Marine Park, Playa Naranjo, Tamarindo, Avellanas, Junquillal. This route points out several places of interest for those who like surfing and the surrounding nature. The tour reaches different locations full of pristine beaches and waves for enthusiasts regardless of their level. There are beaches as spectacular as they are hidden waiting to be discovered by travelers eager for a good adventure. 

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Volcanoes and Valleys Route: Rio Celeste, La Fortuna, Poas Volcano, Sarchi, San Gerardo de Dota. This route is rich in diversity. You can enjoy coffee, walk through an incandescent volcano, and see a waterfall that flows into a blue river.

This route is ideal for lovers of nature, mountains, local gastronomy, and fresh waters. 

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