Airbnb Cracks Down On Parties Ahead Of Memorial Days And Fourth Of July
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Debby Hudson Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Debby Hudson Unsplash

Airbnb Cracks Down On Parties Ahead Of Memorial Days And Fourth Of July

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah May 5, 2022

As summer draws near, Airbnb cracks down on parties and unauthorized large gatherings nationwide. In a similar fashion to last year, the company announced anti-party crackdowns, this year extending it to memorial day too.

On Wednesday it was revealed that Airbnb will reimplement a policy it used on the Fourth of July last year. This reinstated policy means that those with bad reviews with the company are prohibited from booking one-night stays.

“The focus is on people who have not yet earned that trust, who do not yet have a positive history of reviews on Airbnb,” said Ben Breit, the Global Trust Communications Director at Airbnb in a reported statement.

There will also be further restrictions for two-night stays: “we will deploy more stringent restrictions on certain two-night reservation attempts. For example, we will leverage and amplify our technology that restricts certain local or last-minute bookings by guests without a history of positive reviews on Airbnb.” it reads on the website.

It is said that more than 126,000 guests without histories of positive reviews were unable to book certain reservations during July 4 weekend last year.

Airbnb also revealed that it will additionally add something called “anti-party attestations,” which means that guests booking local reservations will need to confirm they understand its party rules and could be otherwise subject to legal action.

Airbnb cracks down on parties during Memorial Day and the Fourth of July to reinforce safety, not only for those booking but also for the wider community. Panama City Beach Police Chief J.R. Talamantez stated that the policy also prevents criminal activity.

“It helps the city, sort of mitigate those possible threats that would come up on social media, sort of pop-up event situations,” Talamantez added.

Only last month, two teens were killed and at least 8 other people injured at a large party of around 200 held at an Airbnb rental in Pittsburgh – many of the guests were minors. Airbnb confirmed that it banned the person who booked the property, told CNN at the time parties aren’t allowed, per its rental agreements, and the event was “thrown without the knowledge or consent of the host.”

In efforts to prevent further violations, this year Airbnb are really honing in on potential threats to protect hosts from any unwanted criminal activity on their rentals.

“The 4th of July weekend in 2021 was quiet and we saw a substantial decrease in reports of disruptive and unauthorized parties,” the company said in its statement.

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