Air Taxis  Are Coming To Rome’s Fiumicino Airport In 2024
Photo Credit: Matt Mawson

Photo Credit: Matt Mawson

Air Taxis Are Coming To Rome’s Fiumicino Airport In 2024

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 3, 2021

Fiumicino Airport in Rome will be one of the latest country’s and airports to introduce futuristic air taxis in 2024. A test that will allow international flight passengers to fly into the tourist city of Rome in a more sustainable and timely manner.

This fleet of helicopters created by startup Volocopter will be running on batteries and will be able to seat two travelers. The commute will be closer to 15 minutes, compared to the longer 45 minutes that usually is explained by foot traffic and tourist hotspots.

The German aviation company, Volocopter, will be pioneering some of the first successful integrated air travel systems that will diminish congested streets in Rome, Italy. The cost to ride a Volocopter will be 150 euros, which adds up to about $175.

CEO Marco Troncone of Rome’s airport is implementing these new airborne vehicles in the travel center to also help with the environment because they don’t release harmful emissions.

The German manufacturer of the air taxis was founded by Alexander Zosel and Stephan Wolf in 2011. Now, the company is aiming to reinvent air travel through electric modes of transportation that will enhance the way we travel through crowded foreign destinations. Air taxis are hoping to become a new mechanism for European travelers to adopt, especially within specific time frames of the year that attract many tourists.

The 2024 Olympic Games are becoming a great occasion for Volocopter to encourage foreign visitors to take advantage of their aircraft for convenient travel. These battery-powered helicopters will land normally like any other helicopter that touches the ground vertically.

A prototype of the helicopters was just introduced on October 27th and their presentation has excited travelers for the future of mobility in the air especially in foreign countries.

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