What The Lufthansa And Air France Strike Means For Travelers
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

What The Lufthansa And Air France Strike Means For Travelers

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Apr 10, 2018

When airline employees conduct a strike against the airlines they work for, the travelers are often caught in the middle.

The latest airline strike is from unionized Air France and Lufthansa employees that are demanding a 6% pay raise to counter A proposed 1% raise with added benefits. As a result of the strike, around 30% of Air France flights have been grounded, affecting hundreds of flights and thousands of passengers. The largest airline from Germany, Lufthansa, was forced to cancel half of their 1,600 flights on Tuesday, which was meant to serve as a warning.

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To ease tension, Air France has invited unions to negotiate to end the strike quickly, since the ordeal has hurt the airline’s bottom line and reputation. Until a deal is reached, travelers can expect 40% percent of long-haul flights and 25% of short-haul flights to and from airports in France to be grounded.

For customers, Air France recommends that those scheduled to fly with the airline check the status of the flight before going to the airport, and the airline is offering to change tickets free of charge. Generally, airlines are not required to fulfill specific obligations during a labor dispute, but many will often help passengers rebook on a partner airline. Many strikes are conducted after the airline has been given notice about a potential strike, so be sure to check with your airline about labor disputes before your trip.

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