Air France Rolls Out New Service That Lets You Resell Your Ticket
Photo Credit: Unsplash| @Nicole Harrington

Photo Credit: Unsplash| @Nicole Harrington

Air France Rolls Out New Service That Lets You Resell Your Ticket

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 25, 2018

Emergencies happen. But when things come up during a planned trip, it’s hard to get your airline ticket refunded.


But a new service by Air France means that all will not be lost if something comes up and you’re unable to make your flight.


The new program launched by Air France, in a partnership with FlexFly, will allow passengers to resell their airline ticket online, according to a report from Business Insider.


There’s a catch though: you can only use it on AirFrance.


The new program enables passengers to resell their unwanted tickets at a 50% discount off the face value as long as there is a buyer. 


FlexFly is a Paris-based startup that was founded in April 2018, according to its LinkedIn profile.


So here’s how it works:


Passengers who purchased a non-refundable Air France ticket can post an ad to sell the ticket on FlexFly.  If your ticket is of interest to a buyer, FlexFly will pay you a reward of up to 50 percent of the price of the airline ticket. 


The remaining 50 percent will be used to pay FlexFly and airlines, but above all, to provide a discount to the buyer.


Experts, however, urge passengers to check to see what credit card you used to book the trip first. Often times, credit card companies offer trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

If the cause of your trip cancellation is covered under your credit card and insurance policy, experts say you’ll not only get a refund of the airfare, but you’ll also be able to recover any other nonrefundable trip expenses.

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