Air Canada Toronto Flight Canceled After Service Vehicle Crashes Into Aircraft
Photo Credit: Air Canada

Photo Credit: Air Canada

Air Canada Toronto Flight Canceled After Service Vehicle Crashes Into Aircraft

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jul 12, 2022

On Friday, Air Canada passengers were disappointed to learn that their flight from Boston to Toronto was canceled. The cancellation came after an employee driving a service vehicle crashed into the front of the aircraft.

CityNews reported that following the crash, several employees in neon vests were seen surrounding the incident on Friday morning. Images showed the vehicle with the nose of the aircraft having crashed through the front window. The airline canceled flight AC 8695 following the incident.

“A ground service vehicle rolled into the nose of the aircraft while the aircraft was parked at the gate in Boston,” said a spokesperson with Jazz Aviation. “Maintenance is inspecting the aircraft to determine if there is any damage. As a precaution, the aircraft has been taken out of service and the flight has been canceled. An investigation is underway to determine how this incident occurred.” A spokesperson from Jazz Aviation also confirmed that there were no injuries.

Several other Air Canada flight cancellations

It seems this flight sits within a string of flight cancellations from the airline. In the chaotic summer travel plans, there has been mass disappointment with flight cancellations. Air Canada has received it’s share of backlash over flight issues this summer.

Whether drama with lost baggage or a string of canceled flights, Air Canada, alongside major airlines globally, has been at the root of much travel stress.

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