Wizkid Is Headlining Afrochella In Ghana Next Month And We've Got All The Details
Photo Credit: Armenyl

Photo Credit: Armenyl

Wizkid Is Headlining Afrochella In Ghana Next Month And We've Got All The Details

Accra , Ghana
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 4, 2021

After the pandemic threw some of our favorite concerts and events off course a bit, events are slowly starting back up again, including one for the culture: Afrochella and Wizkid is headlining the musical event.

“In the last five years, we’ve made a significant impact on Ghana and its surrounding communities through our Afrochella events,” says Abdul Karim Abdullah, CEO & Co-Founder of Afrochella. “This year, we’re thrilled to return back to El Wak Stadium with Wizkid to celebrate our fifth-year anniversary and to support the revitalization of Ghana’s travel & hospitality industry.”

The team has been working tirelessly for the chance to pick up where they left off from 2019’s amazing “Year Of Return” celebration and to bring an amazing concert and some unique experiences to the multi-day celebration.

“We are really excited as a team to welcome everyone back to Ghana,” Abdullah adds. “We have put in a lot of work over the past two years to make sure that we curate the vibes.”


Afrochella will look a little different for 2021 as the team has put more emphasis on looking beyond the festival. One new experience you can expect this year is the traveling music museum.

“This is very new for us and something we’re introducing this year,” said Abdullah. “We wanted to create a new experience that we can travel with throughout Africa as we activate but also around the world. With this music museum, we’re doing some educational workshops with different brands like YouTube so, individuals can get the opportunity to learn about productions from some amazing producers.”

Visitors will also have a chance to learn about the history of Ghana’s music through the museum as well.

“People will take a journey through the pre-colonial era to what after Ghana’s Independence, and learn more about musical pioneers. Many of the artists that we listen to today, including Wizkid and Burna Boy, talk about the inspiration that they received on their visits to Ghana, and we wanted to kind of pay tribute to those amazing musicians.”


With a theme of “Made in Africa,” the team is kicking off its annual event earlier this year to highlight more of Ghana’s beauty and support the local economy.

“In the past, we’ve been hyper-focused on the music festival but we needed to open our understanding of people’s experience in Ghana outside of that,” he adds.

The 2021 calendar kicks off with the Amapiano Brunch series on Dec. 26 with some of the hottest DJs from the continent, Abdullah confirms. Then On Dec. 27, there will be a celebration around the music museum and the festival will take place on Dec. 28.

“We want to highlight the amazing creators that are coming to Africa from the people who make clothes, food, art, and obviously the musicians as well. One of the things that Afrochella loves to do is to show people what’s capable in Africa.”

Learn more about this year’s event and purchase tickets by clicking here.

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