Travel Advice From High School Sweethearts Turned Black Expats Living In England
Photo Credit: Hassan and Autumn Divers in Paris, France

Photo Credit: Hassan and Autumn Divers in Paris, France

Travel Advice From High School Sweethearts Turned Black Expats Living In England

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 26, 2019

It was one bold move [and a clear act of courage] that transformed these high school sweethearts to a husband and wife of five years.

According to Hassan Divers, his wife Autumn walked up to him while he was eating lunch to reveal that she liked him and the rest is history.

Through the course of their 10-year relationship, the young couple has managed to travel to at least seven countries together. With demanding work schedules and three beautiful children, the couple has since returned to the United States after spending four years in England.

In addition to Autumn’s lesson of expressing what you want in life in order to get it, the couple shared some advice with Travel Noire for traveling couples.

Travel Noire: How did you all end up in England?

The Divers: I [Hassan] relocated to England after spending my first year in the military in Idaho and Japan. I married Autumn a few months before receiving my overseas orders.  At first, she was against moving overseas but she’s happy she did now.

TN: While there, were you able to visit other countries?  If so, what has been your favorite country so far and why?  

The Divers: We visited Italy a few times, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Cyprus over the years the course of the 4 years we lived there.

Plane tickets are pretty cheap when you’re already in the area of Europe. For example, a flight from London to Paris costs as low as $40.

Our favorite place was the Italian coast. There’s great weather, beautiful scenery, and amazing food and wine scene.  We found that Sorrento was an inexpensive destination and the people are very helpful.

Hassan and Autumn Divers in Paris, France

TN: Tell us about one of the most challenging times you’ve experienced during your travels and how you got through it?

The Divers: During one of our trips to Italy, we had to get to the city of Florence from Sorrento and thought we could just take a train directly. Instead, we found that Italy is a country where employees regularly go on strikes for hours, days, and even weeks. Instead, we had to take an unpleasant boat ride from Sorrento to Naples to hop on a different train system to Florence. 

TN: What countries are next for you all (together)?

The Divers:  We plan on going to Colombia next year together because Hassan has a friend there.

TN: What’s the best part about traveling together?

The Divers: Just having someone there to share experiences with you is the best part of traveling together –especially with someone you plan on being with forever. 

TN: Lastly, what advice would you give traveling couples?

The Divers: Have as much fun as you can and explore as much as you can. Don’t get stuck in resorts unless that’s the plan. Start your day early and end it late. We rarely take our kids with us on trips because they are all very young and don’t understand what they are seeing –but to each their own. 

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