A Scandinavian country made up of deep, blue fjords, vast mountain ranges, and lush green valleys, Norway is a beautiful country that often falls to the bottom of most travel bucket lists. However, if you look beyond what you know, you’ll quickly realize Norway has a lot of scenic views to see and adrenaline rush-filled activities to try out.

If you live for excitement and adventure, you may want to add Norway to your list of future destinations to visit. With breathtaking cliffs, constructional wonders, and enchanting hills, this country is an outdoor lover’s dream come true. Check out this list of excursions to do in Norway so your next trip to the country is jam-packed with fun you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Visit the Geirangerfjord

Be prepared to witness jaw-dropping waterfalls, lush green hills, and mystifying blue waters when you take a cruise through the Geirangerfjord. Fjords are long, deep bodies of inland running water that can be found all throughout Norway and Geirangerfjord is the country’s most famous. The fjord is 15 km long and the beautiful curved mountains and scenic rivers are UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climb the Mountain at Jotunheimen


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Jotunheimen is the home of Norway’s tallest mountain Galdhøpiggen. The mountain is 2,469 meters tall and travelers can hike to the top to capture iconic photos and an amazing view. Jotunheimen National Park is also located at the mountain where you can enjoy a ton of outdoor activities including fishing, skiing, hiking, and more. 

Take a Drive Through the Lofoten Islands


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Bursting with hiking trails, scenic views, and beaches, Lofoten Islands is a mountainous jungle along the coastline that could take a few days to explore. The islands are the perfect place for folks who love the outdoors and other travelers suggest giving yourself at least four days to explore this unique part of Norway.

Live Out Your Mission Impossible Dreams at Pulpit Rock


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An iconic cliff in Norway featured in films like Mission Impossible: Fallout, Pulpit Rock is a great spot for capturing the best Instagram photos. The cliff is also called Preikestolon and its interesting shape towering 604 meters above the Lyseford fjord is a true wonder. 

Hike Trolltunga

Considered the most spectacular rock formation in Norway, Trolltunga is a real sight worth seeing on any Scandinavian adventure. The rock sits about 1180 meters above sea level and it could take up to a full day to hike to the top and back down to the bottom. Trolltunga is a favorite for nature photographers so make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone for photo opts.

Kayak Past Glaciers in Svalbard

Close to the world’s most northernmost community, Svalbard seems to be right around the corner from the North Pole if you look at it on a map. The community is a wonderful place to catch a glacier as you kayak by or to take a cruise through the snowy landscape. Svalbard is also a great place for riding snowmobiles and skiing. 

Travel Atlantic Ocean Road

If you’re down for some island hopping, take some time to travel down the Atlantic Ocean Road. This road has been called the world’s most beautiful drive and hailed as the Norwegian construction of the century. It stretches five miles long and connects the island of Averøy with the mainland.