Actor Harold Perrineau From Lost Shares His Favorite Vacation Spot And More
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Actor Harold Perrineau From Lost Shares His Favorite Vacation Spot And More

Maggie J.
Maggie J. Apr 12, 2022

Harold Perrineau is most known for his roles in Lost, Oz, Romeo and Juliet and The Matrix. His latest role is as Boyd Stevens on his new show FROM, now showing on EPIX and Netflix, and the finale just dropped for those with the app on Sunday.

His first acting class was in high school, which set off a series of events that brought him to where he is today. Currently filming The Best Man, Harold Perrineau takes a moment before the day’s filming to talk with Travel Noire about his first taste of acting as a teenager, his love for being Father and husband and which role he has enjoyed playing the most.

Travel Noire: You have quite the acting resume. How did you get started?

Harold Perrineau: When I was a teenager, I was in music. I played violin in high school. My aunt in Brooklyn found an after-school program, a theater program, and she thought that her kids and all the cousins would love it. So, she brought us all down to this little theater program where we wrote and performed all of our own stuff. That is literally the first time I was like, ‘ooh, snap’ I think this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. So, that began the journey.

I went to a college in Virginia called Shenandoah Conservatory, and then I got a scholarship. All the time, though, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I danced for a while, then I went back to school and to acting classes. I kept going from there. That’s the abbreviated version.

TN: With all the work, there has to be some downtime in there. Where’s your favorite family vacation spot?

HP: Because our family is so spread out, we like to take the kids during my downtime either to Charleston, SC or to NYC, where we also get to see lots of Broadway plays. We are huge musical theater geeks.

TN: How are you similar to your character in FROM, Boyd Stevens?

HP: Well, I can be kind of curmudgeonly (ask my kids), a little grumpy. I think the thing that resonates with me with Boyd is this protection aspect. He has an ‘of service’ kind of personality, which I think I have as well. When I get a job and I get the script, I am of service to my script. When I am at home with my family, I try to be of service to them, as I do with my community. 

In those places, I feel like we align really well: taking care of family, protecting and being of service. Always looking out for them and doing right by them. That’s where he and I connect in many ways. Hopefully, I don’t go about it as gruffly as he does, clearly. But, ask my girls, I can be rough sometimes.

TN: What if, like what happens in FROM, you woke up and couldn’t leave the town you are in?

HP: Funny you asked that because for 2 years, that’s exactly what we were doing. Woke up and couldn’t go outside, or buy groceries, or leave the town… because there was a virus! I feel like in those ways I get the relation to Boyd because that’s exactly what we were going through. This place where we had to hunker down and really hold onto your family and look for the things you find, that you actually really care about in your life.

So for me, if I ended up being stuck somewhere, I’d wrap my arms around my family and be like how are we safe, how do we move forward? How do we find either a way out, or a way to find some form of normalcy. Something about having kids, I feel it all the time. I just want to make sure they enjoy their time here. I feel like it’s my job to do that until they are ready to go off. Then, it’s their job to enjoy their time here. I don’t have myself to think about. I’ve done my thing, how do I make it good for them. If I was stuck somewhere, that would be my top priority. How do I make it good for them?

TN: So, what would you do if you weren’t in the same city as your family?

HP: I would frantically be trying to get out. How do I find my way out of here, how do I let them know I’m okay? How do I make sure they know I am okay? I would be frantic, I’d be in a frenzy, in a full tizzy trying to figure it out. I think Boyd is in a full tizzy, believe it or not. He is like we gotta get out of here, but he really has to think it through.

TN: Who was your favorite character to play?

HP: It’s really hard to say who my favorite character to play was. I’ve had a lot of fun doing a lot of things. Romeo and Juliet was one of the fun ones for me because I had a chance to do Shakespeare in this way that was very American and very current at the time was a lot of fun.

I am right now on the set of The Best Man where I play this character Julian Murchison who is this guy who started off being a really, really hen-pecked, non-secret-keeping kind of nerd. But he is changing and evolving. I have so much fun doing The Best Man and working with Malcolm Lee and the entire cast.

I’m really enjoying playing Boyd in FROM, I gotta be honest. It’s kind of a lot in this desperate situation. But, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

TN: If you had to pick one other celebrity to fly around the world with, who would it be? 

HP: Laurence Fishburne. Because we do it all the time. Been on some incredible motorcycle trips across the country together, and with our families in Australia.

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